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 Join the Food Gardener's Video Workshop Today! (scroll down for details) Planting a food garden is one of the best things you can do for a healthy project during the Covid-19 crisis!

You'll learn the step-by-step methods I use at home to grow organic, nutrient-dense veggies each year in my backyard with only a 130-day growing season. 

This Online Video Workshop helps home gardeners with spaces from 100-square feet to over 4000 sq. ft. increase success while saving labor. It will simplify the process of growing high-density food gardens in any space, and teaches you how to get better yields in progressive steps. See Program Details Below...

Member Feedback:

The new videos are OUTSTANDING. You are a very good teacher, and the latest videos are very clear in how you connect all of the dots. Your seed saving video was excellent, and I like how you included information on saving garlic. 

~Jerry B., Kentucky, 2018 member

Hi Tom. I have watched much of your program, it is amazing! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I like the video format and the easy access to find things if I want to go back to it. If a 54-year old stay at home mom who has little to no gardening experience can do this, it can be done by anyone.

~Sarah in Colorado, 2019 member 

Well organized—not too much info at once. I LOVE the fact that you have a PDF of the info as well! I had my spiral notebook all ready to go but you’ve done it for me. 

~Becky G., New York, 2020 member

How it works:

You can join the online workshop today, and start watching the videos whenever you like. The training modules can be viewed on any web-connected device. You can even download the videos. The entire program is available directly after you enroll. 

Workshop Contents: (what Videos and Documents you receive)

MODULE 1: Get a Stable Start to Gardening:

This module helps you get things started off right. You discover the baseline methods to ensure you are getting the structure, design, and timing of your garden aligned with your particular location. (8 videos) 

MODULE 2: Prepping Garden Beds, made Easy:

Here you get to move into the key steps of starting the growth process. Seeds, Soil, Water, Compost, Timing, and how to put them all together. (10 videos) 

MODULE 3: Dialing-in the Steps for Growing:

Sustain the plant growth efficiently during the growing season using the natural power of the Soil Food Web, along with compost, timing, and planting methods. (8 videos) 

MODULE 4: Extend the Reach of your Garden Beds:

Learn to increase the efficiency of your gardens, by design, planting methods, and by extending the season with innovative and inexpensive steps. (6 videos)

MODULE 5: Step-by-step: Each Veggie Type:

*(Key Planting Secrets) These printable PDF documents are a treasure trove of detailed information on planting techniques for most vegetables from Arugula to Zucchini. Use these guides to grow veggies to their full potential. (42 PDF docs)

MODULE 6: Easy Garden Protection and Maintenance:

When you set your garden up right, pests and disease are reduced by design, and by the power of the Soil Food Web to protect your plants. Here we also go over the best ways to mitigate whatever small threats remain. (4 videos) 

MODULE 7: Over My Shoulder Planting Examples:

One of the best ways to learn how to grow specific crops is to watch someone actually do it. In this module you’ll watch over my shoulder as I plant and grow several of the most popular categories of vegetables. Watch these before you plant anything, and it will ensure a higher degree of success in your garden! (8 videos)


These printable PDF documents and tutorial links help you gather extra information quickly. I help you with details on tools, irrigation parts, and keeping your plants safe from pesticide carryover.

Bonus Materials for New Members:

Food Gardener's Success Blueprint

This is a condensed workshop with a 72-page PDF document and 3-part video training on the key elements of a successful organic garden. It's a full workshop within a workshop. Simply watching this 3-part series and following along in the downloadable PDF you will improve many areas of your gardening efforts

Private Facebook Group

With your membership in the workshop, you have access to the Private Facebook Group where we can all share questions, triumphs and failures to help each other improve and feel the comradery of fellow food growers! "Before and After" photos are encouraged. A great place to get answers!

Your Custom Planting Chart

This Excel Planting Chart is a template that you can customize to your particular growth zone so you can get the key planting dates for all vegetables in your regional conditions. 

You can download it, change it for your area, and print out your own planting chart with planting dates and details.

50% Discount for EVERYONE!

30 day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied for any reason, during the first 30 days, just send me an email and I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked! 

~Tom Bartels

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What you get as soon as you enroll: 

  • Easy step-by-step videos that show you how to setup, plant, and grow a successfull food garden at your home. (Downloadable, or watch on your schedule) 
  • All workshop printable resources and PDF files (Including over 45 documents)
  • & BONUS Materials:
  • PDF Food Gardener's Blueprint E-book 
  • Private Facebook Group, 
  • Custom Planting Chart for download, and tutorials for setting up your chart. 
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee! Try it to see if you like it.
Join the Workshop!

About Tom Bartels:

Tom is an environmental educator living in Durango CO. He's been growing organic food at home since 2001 using biointensive techniques and efficiency methods that allow for higher yields and nutrient-density, with less labor during the growing season. He created this program for busy people who also want to integrate organic food gardening into their lifestyle. Filmed over two full growing seaons, this workshop helps home food growers share in the benefits of Growing Food Well. 

Tom Bartels, Your Workshop Instructor

A note from Tom about yield expectations: 

Obviously I can't guarantee that everyone in every climate zone will have the same scale success in garden yields that I have here in Colorado. The variables are numerous, both in geography, climate, soil conditions, plant varieties and season length. There is also the work requirement of each individual home gardener. You can't expect the plants to sow themselves. Work is required, mostly in soil preparation in the spring. What I can tell you is that if you use these methods in your home garden, and implement the general strategies in this program, you will see higher yields over time with less labor. These organic methods work by improving the soil conditions, compost, spacing, and automating the watering. The methods in this program align with natural systems to allow them to work in your favor. The combinations of these and other behaviors detailed in the program will definately help you Grow Food Well. These same methods have been the baseline for all my food growing success since 2001. Anyone growing food at home, from beginner, to expert can learn a great deal from the program. You can send inquiries to support(at)

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